Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Crazy local BUS rides……… I am enjoying :)

EeewwWWw…… came out of my mouth suddenly when a woman stepped on my foot. She did not even understand why I was turning red. Well, I was in a local bus of Karachi. It’s not like that I was travelling in a bus for the first time. But, yes it gone a few years experiencing it.

At last, I got a seat that was somewhat suitable too. Still, 30 minutes more were required to reach my stop. Surprisingly, that half an hour was a little optimistic for me. I started to think the local buses as a ‘blessing’………. Do not raise your eyebrow……….yes, I said a B-L-E-S-S-I-N-G!!

With nearly 40 percent of the society recognized as a middle class, it would be a real blessing for Pakistanis to travel miles and miles against Rs. 20 only. Isn’t it? I found people sharing their stories and real-life problems to the strangers during their go. I wonder how many colors of people are living in a city. All with different mind sets, different languages, different attitudes, different accents, different attire and different backgrounds. No office or university will show you that much diversity than a few minutes travelling in a bus.

What I learned the most of all the encounters with buses is ‘patience’. Your mother will teach you to offer your seat to an older woman or to a lady with baby in her hand or even to a girl who is not feeling so well, but she will never tell you how to behave when you see a child with a running nose standing close to you or a maid who is sweating a lot after a whole day earning bread for her children or a kid who has started to vomit unexpectedly. It all happens! Here is the time to apply all the religious and moral lectures that you have been listening throughout your life.

Every time I get off from a bus, I find myself far more grateful to God than before. I have decided to travel more often in local buses, not only to get through new experiences but also to burn my calories. HaHaHa…. Yeah 30 minutes in a bus works equal to 30 minutes wrapping a sauna belt :D….. and with no side effects;) Am I right?