Saturday, 18 May 2013

You are more beautiful than you think!

“Oh no, a pimple again … right on my nose” I was worried in front of the mirror. When I told my friend about that, she responded someway like “C'mon, you are worrying for a pimple alone. See me; my eyes are too small naturally. I don't know how to give them a prominent look for today's party”.

These kinds of conversations are a part of our daily life. Every woman is found complaining, in some way or other, about her beauty. I don't know why visual aspect has always been a ‘topmost’ priority of feminine class. I never met a woman who is completely satisfied with her face cuts, complexion, hair texture, and so forth.

A goofy point is that every woman is impressed by her neighbor's bulgy eyes, her colleague's oval face and her sister's flawless skin. Like me, as I replied to my friend, “Your eyes are just perfect. You are taking it into your head for no reason”.

Dove, well known for its beauty platform and their round-the-way viewpoint on the topic, has picked the latent point and released a video. They produce a pair of sketches for a few women, one of them based on the woman's own explanation of herself and the other one was described by other people.

“I should be more grateful of my natural beauty” said a participant. They explained their faces as fat rounded one, big jaw, more freckles, big forehead. However, fellow participants praised them being fair in color, having a nice thin chin, nice eyes, cute nose, chic blue eyes and likewise.

Every woman is beautiful, indeed. We should now stop making faces each day in front of the mirror and accept as we are. 'What you do' is more significant than 'How you look’. Isn't it???