Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Load Up Your Wallets…..utilize spare hours!!!

Do you know your time is precious? If you do, then why not using it in a productive way. Due to elevating inflation and rising needs, we need to concentrate on other sources of income now less nine-to-five job.

You must be scared how to manage ‘another’ job in this hectic life. Well, solution is simple; manage time! I know you must be very busy whole day at your home too, but if you start arranging tasks to be done, you can save even hours to invest and get extra income. 

My foremost suggestion would be to flow your nip. A pen can say that a word cannot!!! If it fills up your pocket then what else could be taken as more delicious treat. Freelance writers are in great demand these days. What you need to focus is whether you are a ‘writer’ or not. If yes; go ahead else move forward.

‘Paid volunteers required’; this caption roll over your eyes while searching for job and you’re not paying attention. Am I right? This is so akin to waste of opportunity (Calculate opportunity loss just like in economics). Negotiate about hours or required dimensions of duties, and then you will feel it’s actually trouble-free to run. Hooray!!

Lifestyle enhancement is a bracket that covers a long range of businesses. You can set up many of them with a passion to excel. Masses are always in search of fresh sources to get latest designs, be it clothes, shoes, bags and wallets, women accessories, or household decorations etc. Initiating it on a smaller scale can be a smart idea. It can be photography too. When you start getting response; propel it.

Few of my aunts are engaged in preparing tempting baked items at home for orders and sending them out against a reasonable recompense. Your cooking and baking skills can now bring you bucks to spend on your wished items. Pull out a chef out of you and enjoy earnings.

The list is not restricted to the aforesaid. There can be a lot more based on your interest, skills and passion. What is in need is to prick the balloon and dote on surprises.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Indenting Co. & you.........

‘Indenting House’ – the expression might be unfamiliar to some of us but it’s pleasant to know that it is one of the most profitable and growing businesses in Pakistan. Like many other administrative and technical services, import of required items to produce or pack a product are also out-sourced to save time and curtail risk.

To effectively communicate, we must realize that we all are different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.

          ~    Tony Robbins

Alluring pair between communication and responsibility rises up as an endearing couple, which is the soul of any indenting house. And when it is about connecting with rich cultured countries, it gives birth to adorable offspring. The differences are its splendor; to own MUST BE its passion.

The milieu in indenting houses is somewhat casual yet the formality of work is unhurt. At an indenting company where I am just employed, you’ll not only make your own tea (with flexible timings too) but you’ll also wash your tea cup and spoon by yourself. At first, it was a little weird to me but then I realized that it has multiple favors in itself. You keep mobilized a little during work, no ‘peon’ concept and especially no complaints regarding the cup wash etc. It expunges the intent in people who are always in search of a point to disgrace lower level employees. (It happens in actual) Good job admin!

Somewhat monotonous job responsibilities are lessening the charm for employees like me :(.  This is what I am missing here, my creativity!!! I hope I will catch it in any form here. Broadening the scope of core business and maintaining endured relationship with customers can overlay a longer path for the company, my mind boogied down :D. Sending out newsletters, occasional greetings, arranging lunches / dinners, giving feedback and so on, can succor to make the most valuable tunnels to run through.

anticipating for an improved sketch of tasks, I am going to make a cup of tea. Cheers!


Friday, 1 March 2013

'Genres' of Interviewers – sharing experiences

Whenever we receive a call for job interview, we get a little excited and when it’s for the first time in your life then you may end up in juggling with hope, concerns and dreaming. We all are accustomed to do a modest research about the company, its portfolio, job description, salary negotiations and so on before arriving at an interview. In Pakistan, usually we do not get any information prior to the interview that who will be the 'interviewer'.

Every time the situation ignites me; since it remains veiled who will I encounter now, how he/she will judge me for the job, what questions I am going to face and even how will I answer. I take it all as somewhat audacious. It can also serve as a blueprint to remain confident and get over some defficile stages of your interviews. You too need to weigh up the company you are going to serve on the basis of the interview. Though, it was actually conducted to assess you. After all, interviewers are also human beings. *****Sticky note for today J*****

My first interviewer was an urbane gentleman who encouraged me on my skills. ‘I possibly will do something awe-inspiring in my career’, I truly felt at that time, notwithstanding the fact that I was a fresh business graduate. Excellence be to the interviewer who is willing to spill optimism into the society. Unfortunately, I couldn't join that company due to some unavoidable factors but I was positive enough to keep my job search rolling. A good day to recall!

Soon after that, my interview was scheduled in one of the Big Four accounting firms.  I was waiting in high spirits. At last, interview began. Ah! I was disappointed after only a couple of minutes. Their body language, face expressions, voice tone everything was only to express that you are N-O-T-H-I-N-G and we are GIANT. I feel sorry for them as they do not even know the basic rules of HR and Management. Human beings cannot be ‘calculated as numbers’, my poor advice for all firms with this attitude.

My headmost step towards a software house was very productive where I was able to point out where am I lacking and how can I cover it up. Interviewer was a young nice lady. I faltered that day but the good thing was that she taught me how to reply to a particular question (of course in an indirect way). Although I was not qualified for the job, but I still feel good about the company. I will register that experience as the most learning one.

You may come across some other colors of the stripes. Nothing to worry about, just capture this short span of interview as a precious point to learn what is not taught in classrooms. And yes, do not forget to show your gratitude to those interviewers who make you learn something and inject energy in you for further interviews.

"Every time you meet a situation you think at the time it is an impossibility and you go through the tortures of the damned, once you have met it and lived through it, you find that forever after you are freer than you were before."
~ Eleanor Roosevelt