Saturday, 1 June 2013

Upbeat in a crunchy munchy planet....

Walking through a general store lets you have a glimpse of a bundle of crisps stack inside glass counters. Apart from the fact that they cost no more than a quarter of a hundred, they hold almost 80% of the space on the shelves. Why is it so?

Gone are the days when it was considered that 'girls' are fond of spicy snacks. Now, even age doesn't restrict you to have some crisp packet in your hand. What do people get from these snacks? Joy or satisfaction or is it just a matter of habit? Or maybe just to prevent sanction from the group that surrounds you? Whatever it is, Pakistanis are addicted to these snacks now.

Noticeable is a fact that not a single barrier is faced while entering into a snack industry in Pakistan. People here welcome every new kid on the block. Though it is reasonable to say that Pakistani market is widening her arms for new businesses that in-turn benefits our economy, but there are some other concerns too.

Most of the snacks, especially potato chips, are fatty and are not good for health, but they are consumed on a larger scale. Rising issues like diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, heart diseases and so forth are not in the pink of a condition in our country. Unfortunately, health related needs are not met appropriately and people are not ready to quit having these snacks like cigarette, chaalia and gutka. Surely, it negatively impacts on their health.

Children, adults and oldies...everyone is fond of these snacks. But, there can also be some smart choices to minimize their adverse consequences. Have some baked healthy crisps like Cheers!! Have a smart life!