Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Don’t drink Coke. It’s killing you and your family – says Coca Cola

Coca Cola got the web hot up by releasing a video affirming that it makes you obese. It is not somewhat that is ‘just out’ for the globe as it is a well-known phenomenon that use of sugary beverages can eventually jeopardize our weight concerns. Neither a thought to communicate its negative points by a brand itself is a revolutionary one to the world of advertising. Call up to your mind the warnings written on every box of cigarette, “Smoking kills”, “Cigarette cause lung cancer”, “Tobacco smoke can harm your children”, “Smoking is injurious to health” etc. Many of them print gruesome pictures on their pack too. Still, it’s hard to pick out ones who were addicted to smoking and then quit because of these warning labels conveyed by cigarette makers.

Aged 125 years, Coca Cola beverages are now a permanent part of many of our lives. Coke is privileged with a wide loyal customer base. It has always positioned itself on the platform of happiness. However, saying “If you choose to live a healthy lifestyle then you should not be drinking any of our products” seems sprinkling more pepper to the company image. My mother always says that never forbid a child strictly to do something, it will create more urge to do the restricted. Have you ever observed so?

“Overweight and obesity are the fifth leading risk for global deaths”, says WHO. Having an excess amount of fat in your body increases the risks of diabetes, cholesterol, heart diseases and even cancer. Over the past decade, U.S. and UK are ranking high among countries with larger sphere of obese citizens. Sniffing the aroma of the issue, Coca Cola has introduced many no or low-calorie drinks too.

Though Coca Cola has made an attempt to appear as a caring and a socially responsible element but its portfolio of 16 billion dollars brands can keep the balance of the boat. Eventually, demand of Coke brands with no or low calories will begin to rise as consumers are hardcore users of these beverages and it will not be easier for anybody to quit drinking Coke. Although changing the face of the products is far more challenging, what is to be seen now is how Coke will address the cloud it has created around itself.

Some health conscious lads and lasses may get worried about the calories they have consumed on the name of “Happy calories”. Someone in their nightmare may sound like this “If you drink Coke, you will get fatter and fatter” Hah!

Well now, a layman may ask; why aren’t they going to wipe out their products from markets that is contributing a major health issue in the world i.e. obesity? Do they have that much courage to prove their honesty? Or it was just another marketing trick to unfold new chapters? Whatever it is, now the ball is in your court. Will you drink Coke now?

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